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Researchers Use New AI Techniques in Clinical Trials for Personalized Cancer Treatment

Researchers are finding new ways to use artificial intelligence and nanotechnology to enhance treatments, from routine dental techniques to attacking cancerous tissue. At the AVS 65th International Symposium and Exhibition, being held Oct. 21-26, 2018, in Long Beach, California, Dean Ho will present the results of two clinical trials that show how AI-enabled personalized medical treatment for a prostate cancer patient and nanotechnology improved recovery for patients after a root

A Vulnerability in Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Could Improve Treatment Outcomes

Ludwig researchers have shown that triple-negative breast cancer cells ramp up production of a key component of DNA in response to chemotherapy and that targeting this pathway could undermine their resistance to such therapies. A team of researchers led by Alex Toker of the Ludwig Center at Harvard has discovered a metabolic weakness in triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC) cells that may be exploited to quell their resistance to chemotherapy. TNBC