J & B Medical and HNC Virtual Solutions Join Forces with Life365 to Create a New Virtual Model of Care

Life365, a leader in integrated health solutions, J & B Medical, one of the nation’s fastest-growing healthcare organizations, and their telehealth solutions subsidiary, HNC Virtual Solutions, have joined the consortium of partners on the Life365 Integrated Health Solution Platform. J & B Medical and HNC Virtual Solutions are joining American Medical Response (AMR) and Life365 to offer new integrated virtual care solutions to several large providers and payers across the US.

The Life365 Platform addresses the need to consolidate a variety of services and solutions into a common virtual care offering to enterprise clients. With a focus on organizations that are financially responsible for the care of high-volume patient and member populations, Life365 fulfills the need to deliver a broader, more diverse, range of solutions and services beyond the traditional point of care. Digital health solutions and accompanying services have historically been fragmented, requiring clients to manage multiple vendor relationships in a disorganized manner, resulting in substantial costs in time and money, thus preventing scalability.

The Life365 platform uses its Interoperability Engine (IE) and Personalyze™ (AI) to streamline integration and intelligently select and deploy the right combination of solutions to patients yielding the best engagement and outcomes at the right economics. Life365 fills the need for “one hand to shake” when connecting providers to patients outside the clinical setting. Life365’s integrated solution partners provide digital health products, clinical backend integration, warm health services, behavioral health, social determinants, chronic care management, episodic care, proactive health & wellness and more.

Partners in Virtual Care

 Life365 integrates a variety of digital health solutions and virtual care services to change the dynamics of healthcare by improving efficiency, transparency and access to care on a common curated platform. “The Life365 Integrated Health Solutions Platform allows our clients to now consider the patient’s home as an extension of their enterprise, enabling care delivery in rural and underserved areas economically, while eliminating the need to build costly facilities”, said Kent Dicks, CEO of Life365. “As we move toward more value-based care, it’s even more important to provide greater access to care across larger populations of patients in a scalable manner.”

“J & B Medical prides itself on being a premium ‘one-stop-shop’ for a large client base,” said Stephen Shaya, M.D. of J&B Medical. “Our customers are always looking for ways we can bring more solutions and services to the 3 million people we serve every day. We believe that being integrated in the Life365 Platform enables us to offer providers with a wider range of goods and services – cafeteria-style – bringing more value to them and their members with a more personalized offering.”

“HNC Virtual Solutions is proud to partner with Life365 to serve a growing population with an integrated solutions offering,” said Dr. Fawzi Shaya, CEO of HNC Virtual Solutions. “We believe that with HNC and J & B Medical integrated into the Life365 platform, we will deliver the value and scalability that is being demanded by payers, providers, retail pharmacies and clinics throughout the US and around the world. ”Virtual care is moving to increase access to quality care and reducing overall healthcare costs, and we believe it starts with partnerships such as this one.”

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