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Resolvin D-1 Limits Kidney Damage After Heart Attacks

A heart attack triggers an acute inflammatory response at the damaged portion of the heart’s left ventricle. If this acute inflammation lingers, it can lead to stretching of the ventricle and heart failure. The inflammation can claim another victim — the kidneys. New research shows that a bioactive compound called resolvin D-1, injected as a therapeutic dose, is able to limit this collateral damage in the kidneys, as tested in
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US clinical trial puts Sernova one step closer to diabetes cure

( Last week I read a shocking post on one of my social media feeds. The author was a diabetic who displayed a photo of a bill from Walgreens and two boxes of insulin. Three vials of Humalog cost the man $807.96, which lasts one month. At that rate, his annual insulin tab is just under US$10,000 a year, and this is with health insurance coverage. He calculated the price